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Who we are

ALSA Natural Food stands for natural, high-quality fruit and vegetable products which are offered as IQF’s, purees and as pre-cooled. The combination of many years of local experience and exceptional customer service make us a strategic partner in the field of fruit and vegetable products for the processing industry. In cooperation with selected growers and processors, we always aim to exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers. Our products are used in the beverage, dairy, ice cream, bakery industry.

What we stand for

We believe that partnering is more than just delivering the right product at the right time. We advise and inform our customers before and during the harvest as well as regarding technical possibilities including suggestions for improvement. For us, this is the basis for a steadily growing trust and the real added value for all those involved.


ALSA Natural Food was founded in 2013 with the hope and purpose that the advantages and related benefits are recognized and valued by customers in terms of the quality of products from Bosnia.In the meantime, we can look back with great pride and assert with a clear conscience that the products from Bosnia have found their place in the manufacturing industry, as well as in other sectors and are indispensable.In addition to medium-sized companies, we also supply some major companies with our products.



We offer high quality conventional and organic INDUSTRIAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLES products, which we manage from seed to the delivery of a final product. Products originate from our own, or contract farmer, crops. The whole process: seeding, harvesting, freezing / drying and packaging etc. is done in Bosnia Herzegovina and monitored by our local staff. Packaging and labeling can be done on customer request, thereby providing a comprehensive service package.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although a large part of Bosnia is characterized by mountains, over 1.5 million hectares of agricultural land are available for agriculture. Most of the Bosnian land is free from chemical fertilizers as well as from regular use of sprays. The above-mentioned basic data are the basis for the cultivation and harvesting of healthy food, which has excellent conditions due to the climatic situation. An estimated 14 million plums, apples and cherry trees hold enormous export potential. In addition, there are about 20,000 t of production of raspberries and other fruits. By the purity of the area and the existing clean ground water, the cultivation is from organic farming comprehensible. The large, still largely untouched forests produce a variety of mushrooms and wild berries. Bosnia is also known for honey, which, historically, plays a major role in Bosnia.

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